Bradbury and Fincham Bradbury and Fincham (1990) Meta-analysis of research on attributions in married couples Spouses in happy relationships tended to focus on their partner’s positive behavior as part of the person’s character. They were more likely to make attributions that locate the cause of 1.    positive events to dispositional factors in the partner (. … Continue reading “Bradbury and Fincham”

Benjamin Wilson was a kid out of Chicago that was on his way to superstardom until a senseless act of violence ended his life. Untimely deaths have caused a few hoop dreams to turn into nightmares over the years. Len Bias and Hank Gathers were poised to become the NBA's next stars when they suddenly passed.  Other ballers like "Hook" Mitchell and Pee Wee Kirkland missed making the league because they had a desire to become hustlers rather than full-time ballers . However, for all the negative reasons there are a few stories about players like Brazilian legend Oscar Schmidt who chose not to venture off to the States for fame and fortune; instead choosing to live like a god while balling out in his home country. Check out The 20 Greatest Basketball Players to Never Play in the NBA .

The statues portray the two looking out to sea, heartbroken, waiting for their respective lovers to turn up again. (I’m guessing neither of the cads did – the story would surely mention it.)

In the early 1980s, Heart was by far not as popular in Europe as they were in North America. In fear that European record buyers would ignore an expensive double album, it was decided to release a single disc with five studio and five live recordings (see track listing below). In 2002, Sony Europe re-released this 10-track version with different artwork in their "Simply the Best" budget series.

Greatest Hits/Live is a compilation album of greatest hits, live recordings and new tracks released in 1980 by the American hard rock band Heart.

Various - The Greatest Rock And Roll Hits Vol. IVarious - The Greatest Rock And Roll Hits Vol. IVarious - The Greatest Rock And Roll Hits Vol. IVarious - The Greatest Rock And Roll Hits Vol. I