Yusuke's most common attack is the Rei Gun ( 霊丸 , Reigan , lit "Spirit Sphere", pronounced as "Ray Gun") [1] ("Spirit Gun" in the English anime dub). Aura/Spirit energy is concentrated into his right index finger and released as a projectile as though his hand were a gun and his finger the barrel. At first he is only able to muster a single shot per day, but as he trains with Genkai he is able to fire multiple shots per day, as well as developing minor variations on the technique such as the "shotgun" variant wherein Yusuke fires a spray of miniature spirit guns at once using his fist instead of his finger. Yusuke is also the direct descendant of the demon king Raizen (though it is never specified whether the relation is from his mother's side, his father's side, or both) and, ever since his resurrection during the Chapter Black arc, retains his demon side and demon energy more than his human side. At the end of the manga, Yusuke opens up a ramen shop, and also spends time helping humans and demons learn to cooperate.

Manual transmission

Most manual transmissions feature a movable gear selector and clutch. The driver of the vehicle has to manually select and engage the gear ratios. The clutch is a coupling device that is used to separate the engine and transmission. Without it, the engine would stop, causing the vehicle to stop. The clutch allows the engine to continue working when you are waiting at the traffic light. Changing gear without a clutch would be difficult with the crank spinning continuously while the engine is running.

Yoshihiro Togashi's manga series Yu Yu Hakusho contains a widely diverse cast of fictional characters. At the forefront is Yusuke Urameshi, a 14-year-old typical ...