Because many Satellaview broadcasts were episodic in nature, individual broadcast titles often took a standard "Dai-Shuu" form which indicated to the player the episode number in terms of weeks (. Game Title 第X週 - Where X represents the week number). Other Satellaview broadcasts bore titles that more directly reflected the exact date of the broadcast. This was common, for example, with the Nintendo Power Magazine broadcasts. To reduce repetition, this list displays the name of the broadcast and the number of weeks during which unique episodes were broadcast (including the dates of first broadcast), however dates and "Dai-Shuu" constructions have been removed to allow a single listing for the item.

In the 20th century, Japan enjoyed impressive economic growth, putting it among the world's most affluent nations today. This was mostly driven by rapid modernization and specialization in high technology in particular. Due to that, Japan is now full of contrasts between the still alive tradition and much cherished heritage and the ultra-modern infrastructure, buildings and facilities. The country's numerous airports and the world-renowned shinkansen high-speed train system allow easy entry and convenient transport. While the Japanese are known to be reserved and their language skills are not their strongest asset, they will go out of their way to make you feel a welcome visitor.

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